The mission of the Beginning Over Foundation is to provide individuals and families affected by domestic violence and domestic homicide with the vital financial support and peer based programs designed to educate, heal, empower, inspire and assist in rebuilding their lives in the face of tragedy. We work to connect individuals and families affected by domestic violence and homicide in order to promote healing, cultivate personal growth, and help raise awareness of domestic violence. Our mission is to positively impact as many lives touched by domestic violence and homicide as possible.

Beginning Over Foundation

Beginning Over Foundation

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Beginning Over Foundation Mission

The Beginning Over Foundation’s vision emerged from one family's tragedy: in 2005, Heidi Markow established the Beginning Over Foundation after the loss of her sister to domestic violence.  Motivated by her sister’s murder and the traumatic experience, Heidi believed it was fundamentally wrong that crime victims were often shut out of and "revictimized" by the very system that was supposed to help them. She wanted to redefine what justice for victims of domestic violence means by giving them a voice in the criminal justice system.


A Message From Heidi...

Reflecting back over the last several years since I founded the Beginning Over Foundation to raise awareness about domestic abuse, I am so proud of our accomplishments. What began as a way to honor my sister, Robin D. Shaffer, and move myself from victim to survivor has turned out to be a growing grassroots effort for victims, survivors and advocates fighting to save lives and support victims of domestic abuse. I am in awe of the support we have received from people in our community who are truly “world changers.”

 I am so proud of the work done by the Beginning Over Foundation and its volunteers who continue to encourage change and the way society views domestic abuse. The determination to keep the subject of domestic abuse high in the public’s consciousness has been my goal from the beginning.

Financial Support for Victims of Domestic Violence:

The Beginning Over Foundation is dedicated to protecting families in crisis, supporting long-term solutions to help them rebuild and sustain healthy lives through education, counseling and empowerment programs, and to raising awareness of domestic violence.

Our programs and services are offered right here in your community. Our foundation is completely dependent on the generosity of our donors to sustain these valuable services & programs. Please browse the links below to learn about how the Beginning Over Foundation directly assists the victims of domestic violence financially & supports them beyond recovery.

Your support is so greatly appreciated!


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