Silent Witness National Initiative

Remember My Story.
Remember My Name.

In 1990, the Silent Witness Initiative began promoting and education to support an end to domestic violence through community based exhibits.  It started with a small group of volunteers in one state and grew into an international presence, with projects in all 50 states and 23 countries.

Silent Witness International is the leading voice that honors the lives of domestic violence homicide victims through family support, community connections, and advocacy for change.

Many men and women die each year in acts of domestic violence in the United States.  Each one has a story.  Join our efforts to end this tragedy.

Because we need to remember their stories.

We need to remember their names.

The Beginning Over Foundation proudly participates in this national initiative. 

We have a future event scheduled for October 1st, 2018 on the steps of the state capital in Harrisburg, PA.

The foundation is renting a bus for approximately 50 people to join us in this Silent Witness demonstration to peacefully raise awareness about domestic violence, to honor the lost, and to encourage

our legislators to pass Robin's Law THIS YEAR!!

If you are interested in joining us in Harrisburg, or would like to learn more please email me directly at :

If you are interested in having a silhouette made to display in honor of someone you know who has been lost to domestic violence, visit the following link: