Child Custody Dispute Support

Child Custody Dispute Support

“Over seventy percent of the time in child custody cases where domestic violence is involved,

the courts hand over sole custody to the abuser.”

This is an injustice that we are here to fight. These women are at an enormous disadvantage in the judicial process. Not only do they often appear unrepresented in court because their spouses control all of the money, but their abusive partners paint their trauma and stress symptoms as mental illnesses. This is happening behind closed doors and we seek to shed a light on these inequities. We want to encourage change in the justice system, and promote understanding as these women rebuild their lives one piece at a time.  We are here to help women navigate the court process, and we are actively seeking attorneys who will represent survivors of domestic violence in court custody cases at reduced rates or pro-bono.


The fight does not end with a restraining order. 


Help us keep families these families whole and complete as they begin again.

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