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SurvivorPal Project
Unifying and connecting the new generation of survivors...

The Survivor Pal Project is a wide reaching program designed to help meet the silent needs of survivors of domestic violence and domestic homicide. This network helps connect survivors −sister to sister, child-to-child, mother-to-mother, family and friends – with a peer to share the often unspoken realities, and heart break of the survivor journey. Survivors may choose to connect by email, phone, though planned events, or a growing social media community.

Peer support though SurvivorPal has been created to help meet the needs of survivors of all ages, as they partner with a peer and others who understand the overwhelming loss and grief of domestic violence. SurvivorPal helps survivors know they are not alone, offering unique support and communication, For more information on how The Beginning Over Foundation is reaching out to assist survivors of domestic violence, please visit our home page.

Peer support can be an invaluable resource for survivors of all ages. You might talk about things other people don’t understand, air feelings that are overwhelming, or just discuss what happened during your day.

Most of all, you will know that you are not alone.

The Beginning Over Foundation SurvivorPal Project is the only program like this anywhere.

The SurvivorPal Project is just one of the Beginning Over Foundation’s innovative programs for survivors.

Here’s how The BOF SurvivorPal Project works:

1. Send us an email at with your name address, email and phone number. Let us know your age, gender and a little bit about yourself and the loss of your loved one.

2. Within a day or two, you should be ready to go. We will work to connect you with a survivor who we feel will connect with you.

3. Within a week, you will receive an email that includes the name(s) and e-mail addresses of people who have similar circumstances to you. If you don’t receive this email within a week, please inquire at

4. From this point on, you and your match are in charge. Please send an email introducing yourself to one or more of the individuals. Make sure you mention that you received their name from the Beginning Over Foundation’s SurvivorPal Project!

5. We will also add your name to our database as a potential match for people who sign up in the future. This means in addition to your first matching opportunities received from the BOF, you may receive a note from another survivor who will really appreciate your response.


If you do not receive a response, we ask that you please not take it personally. In many cases, connecting can be emotionally stressful. Sometimes a person you contact may no longer wish to meet new people. If you do not hear back from a survivorPal, or you don’t “click” with the people you meet, please let us know at We will be pleased to provide you with a new set of names. Finding a person to correspond with may take more than one attempt, but we know that the experience of bonding with another survivor is worth the effort.

"Studies show that people who wrote about traumatic events, and wrote regularly, made 43% less doctor visits and experienced better health than those who did not." ~Psychologist James W. Pennebaker

It is believed that right after writing about traumatic events some people feel sad.

But long-term, regular writers develop healing and a general sense of well-being.

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