Healing Camps & Retreats


Periodically, the Beginning Over Foundation offers day or overnight retreats to survivors of domestic violence and homicide to help them in their healing process. Often, families faced with this tragedy close the door and grieve alone away from each other.


We have found that most people would think that these families grieve, heal and recover together. Truth is, everyone grieves differently and sometimes they lose touch with what their “normal” is. Our retreats bring survivors together in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by survivors who understand and are here to help.


We have built a sisterhood of trust and understanding

that goes well beyond the day we return home for our retreat.

Beginning Over Retreats take survivors out of their every day roles and responsibilities to be completely nurtured. Survivors are encouraged to challenge themselves to try different healing techniques, learn self care strategies and exchange and explore the process of healing with others while in a safe and peer supported environment.

"re•treat 1: a place of privacy or safety : REFUGE 2 : a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, and instruction"

Did you know that up to 4,000 children each year lose a loved one to domestic violence?
Did you know that each year, an estimated 3 to 10 million children witness assaults against a parent by an intimate partner?

So why is our work so important?

Children who are exposed to domestic violence, especially repeated incidents of violence, are at risk for many difficulties, both immediately and in the future. These include problems with sleeping, eating and other basic bodily functions; depression, aggressiveness, anxiety and other problems in regulating emotions; difficulties with family and peer relationships; and problems with attention, concentration and school performance.

Beginning Over Annual Summer Camp

When: Coming in 2017!

Where: Camp Fowler, Orefield PA

The Beginning Over Foundation is proud to partner with Valley Youth House!

Taking action and going beyond domestic violence. Our Annual Summer Camp is the perfect way to bring children and loved ones affected by domestic violence and homicide TOGETHER. The Camp will include numerous therapeutic activities in which attendees will experience healing, establishing friendships, learning & having fun TOGETHER. Thanks to Valley Youth House, Camp Fowler is the perfect place for this peaceful growth to happen. This 43 Acre camp setting allows Survivors to thrive in an unconventional way, the great outdoors.

Planning is underway and details to follow! In order for this vision to become a reality, we need the assistance of our community – volunteers, various professional services, and donations to fund as many families as possible to attend Summer Camp!

You are not alone at Beginning Over!