Meet the Board

Heidi Markow

Founder & President

After losing her sister Robin to domestic violence Heidi worked to heal and recover from the pain and now she wants to help others in their own journey through the grief and healing process. Heidi has been on the board since the organization’s beginning and has a passion and drive for everything involved with Beginning Over. The growth and integrity of the organization and the survivors they serve is a top priority as a board member.

Iggy Markow


Iggy Markow, a 26 year veteran of the Real Estate world. Iggy Co-Founded the Beginning Over Foundation with his wife Heidi in memory of her sister Robin. The love for his family and the loss of his sister-in-law is what makes him committed to the Beginning Over Foundation. Iggy understands the heartache and difficulties families endure after losing a loved one. He wants families to understand that they can heal, rebuild and find their new “normal” again.

Liz Keptner

Public Relations

In her 20 year broadcasting career, Liz Keptner made it a point to cover stories that empowered women. She met Heidi while covering her organization for CBS-3 in Philadelphia. Now, as a faculty member at PSULV, she continues to work to expose her students to strong community leaders and causes – Heidi is one of those!

Lynn Marie Houghton


Lynn has a great passion for helping other people, so when approached about becoming a board member with the Beginning Over Foundation, she knew immediately she wanted to be a part of it. In fact Lynn stated, “I needed to be a part of it! I am so fond of Heidi Markow and her fabulous mission to help individuals to begin their lives over by empowering them to walk away from an unhealthy relationship. Although, Heidi has shown that the bond that is shared between sisters is truly an unbreakable one; we all need to be aware and proactive in our families and communities.”

Fairlie Godshall

After losing her daughter Kimberlee to domestic violence homicide Fairlie wanted to find a way to heal and help others. Most importantly she wants to provide support and funding to children who are in need due to domestic abuse or homicide. Through her own grief and experiences Fairlie brings compassion and empathy to the Beginning Over Foundation, which in turn helps to keep the memory of her daughter Kimberlee Godshall alive

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