Financial Assistance

“Over 4,000 children a year lose a parent to domestic violence in the United States.”

That is 4,000 children left behind after tragedy strikes, with no means of support or shelter. Oftentimes, a child will lose both parents, whether by violent means or jail time. Families are thrown into disarray trying to care for an orphaned child as they themselves try to grieve for their loved ones. We hope to help alleviate their burdens by providing them with financial assistance to meet their needs as they rebuild their lives and become accustomed to their new way of living.

Our goal is to meet any time of need related to the cost and care of children and their families after the loss of a loved one to domestic violence homicide. This includes the burial and funeral costs for families who have lost a sister or a daughter to domestic homicide. Beyond the dollar signs and decimal points, a parent or sibling opening her credit card statement every month and realizing that she is still paying for her daughter or sister’s murder is an unbearable burden that we mean to relieve.

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“More women in the United States were killed by an intimate partner in 2001-2012  than soldiers killed in Afghanistan during the same time.”

Almost 12,000 women left behind grieving families during this time period. Imagine hearing the news that your daughter, mother, sister, or friend was murdered by her partner and now having to plan and pay for her funeral costs. The Beginning Over Foundation aims to provide a soft place for these families to fall, allowing them to grieve in peace and privacy while we deal with the expenses associated with burying a loved one. We hope to enlist the aid of funeral homes across the country to provide assistance and either cover or reduce costs related to funeral expenses.


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